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Cocoa Butter Replacer (CBR) is made from hydrogenated and fractionated vegetable fats of non lauric fat category. They are frequently used in compound coatings for confectionary and bakery products. Compound chocolate products made with CBR do not require tempering and it can be combined with cocoa liquor to achieve a richer cocoa flavor than if only cocoa powder is used, so it will allow to achieve high capacity output on production line and it can be produced on the same line as the chocolate products for no risk of contamination by Lauric fats.
CHOCOLIN Series is PAMIN CBR Fat which is imparting excellent gloss retention and sharp meltdown to the final products. They have high tolerance for cocoa butter and thus can be mixed with cocoa liquor to produce a compound chocolate that is rich in cocoa taste.

+ Good bloom stability
+ Excellent crystallization rate
+ High gloss retention
+ Improve shelf life

Application : Confectionary & Bakery Coating, Dark Compound Chocolate
SKU : Lined PE Bag in Carton 15, 20 and 25 Kg

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