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 No Deforestation

PAMIN requires no development on High Conservation Value (HCV) areas and/or High Carbon Stock (HCS) forests in our supply chain management, from our suppliers to our business operations.

 The third parties which are running in plantation business must ensure plantation development activities identify HCV areas and/or HCS Forest for complying best practice guidance from RSPO principles and criteria, High Conservation Value Resource Network (HCVRN) 1 and the High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach2.


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PAMIN also requires that third parties commits to implement best management practice for environment and sustainable management of natural resources by respecting the traditionalrights of indigenous groups and communities to hunt with controlled manner and in areas designated for those purposes provided that their hunting activities are legal, non-commercial, do not involve rare, threatened, or endangered species, do not threaten the long-term viability of the species, and do not have negative impacts on ecological processes important for agriculture and local ecosystem sustainability.


No New Development on Peat Land

PAMIN will not tolerate and accept any new development on peat-land, regardless of the depth, in accordance to the scope of this policy. For plantations that have been established in peat-land areas, these are required to implement the best management practice of peat-plantation, which is aligned to RSPO BMP for Management & Rehabilitation of Peatlands.


Zero Burning

PAMIN will not accept the use of fire / burning in oil palm production and require third parties not to use fire in land preparation for new planting, or re-planting or any other development, in accordance with the full scope of this policy. Any deliberate burning activities for land clearing by our suppliers will not be tolerated.


GHG Reduction

PAMIN is committed to progressively reduce green house gas (GHG) emission by implementing Best Management Practices prescribed by RSPO . We encourage suppliers to also adopt these practices.