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Milk Fats Replacer

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PAMIN has a range of Milk Fat Replacers, which are an assortment of high quality vegetable fat products, with specific characteristics, to fulfill the requirements of the various dairy applications. PAMIN’s dairy fats are developed to substitute partially or fully milk fat in finished products.
Nutrimix Series and DFR-25 are PAMIN Milk Fat Replacers (MFR) ranges which are made from a special blend of vegetable oils and fats. They can be used to replace milk fat in many products application such as ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, vegetable cheese and other confectionery products.

+ Good taste stability
+ Good melting properties and consistency
+ Improve nutritional value
+ Longer shelf life

Application : Dairy / Milk Fats Replacer
SKU : BIB 20 and 22 liter, Drums 190 Kg

Milk Fat Replacer Brand :