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PAMIN Cooking Oil is produced from the best selected of fresh palm oil fruits, with the latest technology of refining & fractionation of palm oil to get the best quality products which are preferred by customers from various countries around the world.

PAMIN Cooking oil has the premium quality to ensure it is the best choice for your cooking with healthy because it naturally contain beta-carotene (pro vitamin A) and tocopherol (pro vitamin E)
+ Rich in Omega 9 & Omega 6
+ Fortified with Vitamin A & D
+ Zero Trans Fatty Acid
+ Cholesterol free
+ Higher Oxidative stability

Application : Cooking, Frying & Sautéing
Cooking Oil Brands :


Shortening is one of the major and important ingredient in the bread and bakery industry that functionally giving an influences in dough mixing, handling, proofing, bread volume and contribute to baked products on imparting the softness or richness and tenderness to improve flavor and eating characteristic.
+ Enhance aeration for leavening and volume
+ Provide flakiness in pie crust, Danish and puff pastries
+ Enhance moisture retention for shelf life improvement
+ Provide structure for cake, Icing and cream filling

Application : Biscuits, Cake, Icing, Cream Filling, Bread & Bouillon cube
SKU / Packaging : Lined PE Bag in Carton 15, 20 and 25Kg, BIB 20 and 22 liter (non-texturizing product)


The plant strategic location near to the port and close to necessary raw material resources is certainly an advantage from an economic point-of-view. Undoubtedly it gives the plant the opportunity to offer competitive high quality products to customers. The plant houses a well-equipped facility and operated by highly qualified personnel as a team organizes regular shipping programs on Flexi-tank, chartered bulk vessels and tankers to deliver bulk oils to our customers in Middle East, Asia, Africa and America

Bulk Oil System
+ RBD Palm Oil
+ RBD Palm Olein
+ RBD Palm Stearin
+ RBD Palm Kernel Oil
+ RBD Palm Kernel Olein
+ RBD Palm Kernel Stearin


Margarine is a flavored food product containing 80% fat. It is made by blending of selected fats and oils with other ingredients and specially formulated to deliver buttery and creamy texture with excellent mouth-feel, fortified with vitamin A to produce a table, cooking or baking product that serves the purpose of diary butter but it is different in composition and can be varied for different applications.
Margarine can be used for spreading, baking, and cooking. It is also commonly used as an ingredient in other food products, such as pastries, doughnuts and cookies

Application : Cake, Muffin, Pancake, Bun, Cream fillings, Fudge Icing, Pan Frying,
Savory Biscuits, Muffin & Pancakes, Short Crust Pastry
SKU Consumer Pack : Sachet 250 g, 100 g, 65 g and Pail 4 Kg
SKU Industrial Pack : Lined PE Bag in Carton 15Kg, 20Kg, 25Kg and Pail 10 Kg
Margarine Brands : Avena, Madina


Vegetable Ghee is a multipurpose cooking fat made from a blend of palm-based oils. Vegetable ghee also known as Vanaspati used as an alternative to the traditional butter fat ghee. It is processed to mimic the texture and flavor of ghee.

Besides being cholesterol-free and suitable for vegetarians, our product offers advantages such great taste and cost efficiency. It is perfectly substitute for pure ghee and a cost effective solution to substitute ghee in all its application areas. It is a healthier product with better grainy texture stability.

Application : Cooking, Frying, Baking, Arabic Sweet preparation
SKU Consumer Pack : Tin 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Kg
SKU Industrial Pack : Tin 13, 14, 15 and 16Kg, Drum 190 Kg and Flexi Tank 20 MT
Vegetable Ghee Brands : AVENA, MADINA, AL NAQI


Cocoa Butter Substitutes (CBS) is a hydrogenated palm kernel fraction and it is often called as Lauric Cocoa Butter Replacer. For decades, CBS have been used by the confectionary & chocolate industry to produce chocolate directly without tempering process.

PAMIN PAMCHOCO Ranges is CBS as a low cost alternative to replace real cocoa butter in a wide range of application and it is designed to have similar physical properties to cocoa butter.

+ Steep melting profile
+ A satisfying cooling sensation in the mouth feel
+ Good mold release
+ Excellent snap & gloss
+ Resistance to oxidative rancidity

Application : Compound Chocolate, Enrobing, Coating
SKU : Lined PE Bag in Carton 15, 20 and 25Kg

CBS Brand : Pamin